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Ben Markoch is as a traveller, photographer, musician, biker, and aspiring polyglot, but in his spare time, he is a junior studying Graphic Design and the French language at NC State. He is also a member of the University Honors Program and the Marching Band and Wind Ensemble and enjoys working with other students and staff as an ambassador for the school. He has worked with the Traditions Commission to design The Brick as well as with the Graphic Design Department at Campus Enterprises, designing materials that students see around campus every day. His research interests include ethnography, communication, and the psychology of language, and he'll be sure to say "ciao!" when he sees you on campus.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and check out some of my work!

All rights reserved by Ben Markoch, 2014

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Haiku Type Collection

A hand-bound book of haikus I created, composed from existing metal type on collection at the NC State College of Design. A total of 30 haikus were created and printed, each haiku in some way describing its representative font. My font of study was Clarendon, which is featured in the embossing on the font and back covers as well as the featured haiku.