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Ben Markoch is as a traveller, photographer, musician, biker, and aspiring polyglot, but in his spare time, he is a junior studying Graphic Design and the French language at NC State. He is also a member of the University Honors Program and the Marching Band and Wind Ensemble and enjoys working with other students and staff as an ambassador for the school. He has worked with the Traditions Commission to design The Brick as well as with the Graphic Design Department at Campus Enterprises, designing materials that students see around campus every day. His research interests include ethnography, communication, and the psychology of language, and he'll be sure to say "ciao!" when he sees you on campus.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and check out some of my work!

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Within Formal Cities: These guys are awesome.

I’ve been lucky enough to be drafted by them to create the branding, video, and website for their project, Within Formal Cities. Lead by NC State College of Design Architecture graduates Brian Gaudio and Abe Drechsler, the project aims to study innovative urban housing solutions in major South American cities in order to share them with other countries all over the globe experiencing their own population inflation. Why? Developed countries can learn a lot from developing ones, and regardless of development, all cities can expect at least a 20% rise in their population over the next 25 years. If we’re going to ensure that citizens in these communities are supplied with adequate housing and nutrition, we need to start thinking of how to solve the overpopulation problems that we are seeing today.

Brian and Abe are planning to leave for South America in September - but they need your help! Please consider donating to their cause by visiting their Indiegogo fundraising page, or by visiting the website. In addition, all other branding materials and graphics for the project can be found on those pages. Thank you!

This year I had the wonderful and amazing opportunity to design NC State University’s The Brick. The Brick is a book given to every incoming first year dedicated to preserving and sharing NC State’s traditions, customs, and pastimes. In addition, the book contains advice from students, faculty, and staff for newcomers to the University, as well as information about NC State clubs, initiatives, and organizations. The cover is designed to emulate one of NC State’s biggest campus landmarks, the (rather fittingly named) Brickyard, and icons inside the book draw from university mascots and symbols. Special thanks to Christopher Lawing, all members of the Traditions Commission, and faculty at the NC State Marketing Office for helping to make this year’s Brick possible! 

A bit of summer fun, and love for travel.

A bit of summer fun, and love for travel.

It’s All Irish to Me

A presentation I created on the etymology of the Irish language and its importance in revealing the cultural significance of music and dance in Irish-Celtic society (Irish pronunciation tips appear in italics). The presentation was given at NC State University on April 29th, 2014. Feel free to let the slides play on their own, or, set your own pace through the slideshow by clicking on the arrows to the right and the left. 

"Polyglot" Conference Booklet

A perfect-bound booklet designed for a conference called “Polyglot” (being able to speak many languages), focusing on how global communication is changing our perception of language. In addition to the design and production of the book, this project also included the organization of the conference, which features Edward Boatman and Sofya Polyakov from The Noun Project, Mark Pagel, and Louis von Ahn, founder of the well known “Duolingo” language-learning mobile app and website.

Ahoj! Czech Phrasebook App

As part of a project centered on user-experience design, I developed and created a prototype of a graphical Czech Phrasebook focused on aiding users speak and understand the language in environments without wifi or cellular service. The full app includes a fully searchable offline dictionary, word or phrase suggestions based on search options, a pronunciation guide, and more! Přijde brzy!

To view and test the app online, visit: https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/W7QSHRUC#/screens

This foldable poster was created in order to showcase observational research I performed at The Daily Planet Café in the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. In addition to mapping the floor plan of the space and the ways in which people move through it, the poster was created to raise awareness about the often-overlooked importance seating areas play in public institutions. This was done through several case-study examples that used the café as their setting, in addition to references of works by urban designers Jane Jacobs and William Whyte. While the interior of the poster is primarily focused on information mapping, the exterior aims to draw the reader closer through emotional appeals and several reexaminations of common assumptions.    

In addition to the poster, I created a companion panorama website where you can view the space for yourself! Visit the site here: http://www4.ncsu.edu/~brmarkoc

Trifold created for the Journal of Reflective Inquiry, a student-lead research journal I am a part of at NC State University. The journal focuses specifically on reflections about the research process. The trifold was used recently as a promotional display for the NC State Undergraduate Research Program’s “Research Speed Dating” on February 27th.

To learn more about the Journal of Reflective Inquiry, visit: jori.ncsu.edu

This January I had the privilege to travel to Spain with the NC State Marching Band - It was an awesome experience! Overall, we visited four different cities including Madrid, Toledo, Zaragoza, and Barcelona, each with their own unique story, charm, and breathtaking scenery. In addition, I was able to perform with the Band in the 2014 Cabalgata de Reyes Parade in downtown Madrid, lights and all. This is definitely an experience I will never forget! I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to visit someday. For more pictures, visit my Flickr page by using the direct link below:


Hasta luego!

"Your Brain is Weird: An Emotional Guidebook, about your brain"